What Is an Evil Eye?

what is an evil eye


  The evil eye is an ancient amulet that protects us from bad luck, injuries, or destructive powers—shaped like an eye to stare back at the world to ward off the evil eye— negative energy or invisible attack from someone's glance that can cause bad luck or loss. The symbol is beneficial when protecting something precious like a child, a happy relationship, and a new car or house.

This cobalt blue symbol has been found in seemingly infinite areas of history and time. From the bazaars in Turkey pages of comic books, the amulet—often referred to as a Nazar in Turkish has protected those who wear or use it for thousands of years. Some of the first depictions of the evil eye can be found in Turkish culture, dating back to the Ottoman Empire. Different colors also symbolize different meanings—the deep cobalt blue represents karma and fate protection, relaxation, and open communication.

Commonly, you can find this charm in the form of a bit of glass token. Its portable size makes it easy to have by your side while you're out and about—when you're most vulnerable to the curse and require protection.


However, a significant shift in the present day is to wear the symbol. Jewelry, clothing, and bags are some of the many ways you can integrate the evil eye into your day-to-day. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Megan Markle have been spotted wearing evil eye bags or designing clothing with the signature motif!

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